mortgage calculator

At Sykes-Moore Estate Agents we understand that mortgages are one of the most significant financial commitments you’ll ever make. With the diverse array of mortgage options available, it can be a challenge to accurately estimate the associated costs. That’s where our mortgage calculator comes in, offering tailored assistance just for you.

One of the bigger choices for mortgages is usually between;

  • A repayment mortgage – where you pay back the borrowed funds over time, more commonly used for properties you’ll live in
  • An interest only mortgage – where you only pay the interest on the borrowed funds, more commonly used for buy-to-lets and property investing

Our mortgage calculator can give you a good idea of monthly repayments for new mortgages, renewing existing mortgages (re-mortgaging), all other types of mortgages and it can even help you budget for how your existing mortgage might be affected by potential interest rate changes too. Moreover, you have the flexibility to fine-tune variables like the mortgage term, interest rate, and deposit to see how they impact your monthly payments.

If your mortgage is coming to an end soon or if you’re buying a property and needing a mortgage, simply contact us and we can put you in touch with our independent, local & 5 star financial advisor.